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Transforming the way African beauty clients & businesses access the unique services and products they require.

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As the beauty industry continues to grow, so does the need for innovative solutions to automate and simplify business processes. GlamAfric Beauty Shop is a platform that offers beauty vendors a user-friendly dashboard to manage their inventory, track orders, earnings, and more – all in one place. Here are some features beauty vendors can leverage to automate their business processes:

Secure Online Payment.

One of the key features of GlamAfric Beauty Shop is the ability to securely accept online payments via multiple options such as card, bank transfer, and USSD. This means that customers can conveniently make payments for their purchases without worrying about the security of their information. Payment confirmations are also automatically sent to all parties involved, streamlining the payment process even further.

Payment Disbursal 

Another major advantage of GlamAfric Beauty Shop is the automatic disbursement of earnings to sellers daily, with a commission of only 5% deducted. This means that sellers can focus on growing their business and fulfilling orders while it takes care of the financial aspect of the business. The back-end dashboard and reporting tools also allow for easy tracking of transactions and earnings, providing sellers with a clear view of their business performance.

Seller Review Management

The review system on the platform is also a great way for sellers to build their reputation. Customers who have purchased products can rate and review sellers or their products, thereby, boosting their visibility on the platform. The review system is carefully controlled by GlamAfric Beauty Shop to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Coupons & Discounts

Finally, sellers can also create coupons and discounts to incentivize customers to make purchases. This feature gives vendors more flexibility to adjust their promotional strategy based on their business needs. Coupons or discounts can be issued in absolute values or percentages, providing a range of options to attract customers.

In conclusion, GlamAfric Beauty Shop offers beauty vendors an all-in-one platform to automate and simplify their business processes. From inventory management to payment processing and customer reviews, GlamAfric Beauty Shop provides vendors with the tools to succeed. You can take advantage of all these features by signing up and setting up a storefront. If you want to automate your beauty services as well, you can visit GlamAfric.