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In this blog, we will compare GlamAfric beauty shop with the most popular online shopping platform in Nigeria – Jumia. Both platforms offer online shopping options for customers, but they have several differences in terms of product offerings, payout time frame, product upload limit, and so on.

One-stop store for all things beauty

GlamAfric beauty shop is a one-stop shop for all things beauty & wellness and offers a wide range of products. In contrast, Jumia is a store for everything and there’s no guarantee that the beauty products section will get prioritized. 

Payout time frame

In terms of payout time frame, GlamAfric beauty shop pays out in 24hrs after a customer has made payment for an item, no matter how long you have been on the platform while on Jumia, as a new vendor, you are required to wait 15 days after delivery has been made to the customer to receive payment.

Product upload limit

GlamAfric beauty shop is a platform that allows vendors to upload authentic and original beauty and wellness products without limits while Jumia has a restriction on what can be uploaded, especially in the beauty and wellness category.

Account setup procedure

It is very easy and straightforward to set up a vendor profile on GlamAfric Beauty Shop. But to set up on Jumia, you have to go through some hectic and rigorous processes, some of which are quite unnecessary.


The commission charged by GlamAfric beauty shop for every order is 7.5% which is considered fair compared to Jumia, which charges 7.5% plus an additional fee. 

Product upload procedure 

The product upload procedure on GlamAfric beauty shop is easy and straightforward, but for Jumia, the process is hectic and time-consuming and the worst part is that your product may still get declined after going through the motions. 

Unique E-commerce website

GlamAfric beauty shop also offers each vendor a unique e-commerce website that is shareable to anyone who wants to shop from your store, with a price range and category selection options, which means if you have multiple product categories in your business they can all go on your website, while Jumia has a limited website uniqueness.

Unique store policy

GlamAfric beauty shop gives vendors the liberty to create and set their own store policies based on what they believe works for their business, while Jumia does not.

Customer service

In terms of customer service, GlamAfric beauty shop offers immediate responses to customer complaints, but Jumia only offers a claim form that is sometimes difficult to access. 

Marketing / Promotion

GlamAfric beauty shop promotes vendors’ products on its platforms without charging a fee, while Jumia requires vendors to pay for any form of advertisement.

Logistics & Branding

In terms of logistics and branding, GlamAfric allows vendors to deliver directly to customers, while Jumia handles delivery themselves, making the product appear as if it is sold by Jumia, not the vendor. 

Access to clients’ info 

Lastly, GlamAfric beauty shop allows vendors to access customer information so you can build a database for your beauty business, while with Jumia, you only have access to the customers’ delivery addresses.

In conclusion, GlamAfric beauty shop offers several advantages over Jumia, especially for vendors looking to sell beauty and wellness products online. It is a one-stop shop, offers a fair commission, has a simple product upload procedure, and provides a unique e-commerce website. GlamAfric beauty shop also offers better customer service and marketing/promotion options compared to Jumia. You can watch a video detailing all the differences here.

Now is a good time to set up a store for free if you are an African beauty or wellness products vendor. Visit GlamAfric Beauty Shop now to get discovered with ease. If you offer beauty or wellness services as well, you can create a free website and list your services on GlamAfric.

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