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Essential Beauty Products

Beauty products are a definite essentials for our day to day life, they range from simple things like the soaps or shower gels we use in the shower daily to even the tools we use during shower time like loafers or sponges.

Here are our top 10 essential beauty products you definitely need. 

  1. SUNSCREEN: This is our number one must have beauty products for a number of reasons. Sunscreens are important for not just protecting our skin from the sun but also they are important in achieving healthy glowy skin. Sunscreens are also the answer to a good number of skincare issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne and a whole lot of others.
  2. LIP BALM/CHAPSTICK: You should never leave home without your ID, money and lip balm. The common misconception that lip balms are only to be used during dry seasons is false. Lip balms are an essential beauty product that should be used throughout the day at intervals. A lip balm helps moisturize the lips, prevent cracks and keep them plum and fresh. Cracked lips have never been in style, get a lip balm today and let it be second skin.
  3. FACEMASK: A facemask(Not the covid preventing kind) is also an important beauty need. A face mask not only gives the pamper/selfcare feel, it also helps treat and attend to various skincare concerns ranging from blackheads to hydration and even hyperpigmentation. 
  4. MOISTURIZER: No matter the skin type you have you need a moisturizer. This helps with hydration and prevents ashy skin while also protecting your skin from cracks and helping to retain its natural elasticity which in turn helps reduce skin aging and wrinkles.
  5. DEEP CONDITIONER: This is one hair care product that is highly underrated. A deep conditioner helps treat hair issues such as hair breakage, dehydration, lack of shine and also helps attain soft, luscious tresses. Deep conditioners can be store bought or even home made and are great sources of nutrients for your hair.
  6. SCRUB: Everyone needs a good scrub. Scrubs help get rid of dead skin particles  and promote healthy, glowy skin. A scrub is like a deep cleaning for your body and is a must have beauty product. 
  7. FRAGRANCE: It is common knowledge that Rihannah smells good, they might not remember what she said but they remember that she smells good.  Scent is an important factor of our daily lives, if you smell good, you feel good. Getting the right fragrance for your body chemistry is really important. Perfumes help us feel good and smell good too. They also leave a good impression of you on other people as well as help lock in memories. 
  8. FOUNDATION: Everybody needs the right foundation shade and luckily beauty brands are diversifying and increasing their foundation range to be more inclusive. Foundations create an important layer and base for makeup and help give the “my skin but better” look.
  9. SIGNATURE LIPSTICK SHADE: Be it the perfect red or the perfect nude, it is important to have that signature lipstick for those glam days or as an everyday staple too. This adds some color to your lips and also can be used in place of a blush or even eyeshadow. 
  10. VITAMIN C: Everyone needs a daily dose of vitamin c for their skin. Vitamin C either as a serum or cream based is an important beauty product that helps protect your skin from free radicals and als treat common skincare problems. 

Beauty products are important to help us feel and look like our best selves. The aforementioned products are things that should be stables in every beauty lover or enthusiasts collection and all can be found on our platform. Shop safely from reputable Nigerian brands and retailers of authentic beauty products. 

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